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Saint of Europe St. Birgitte L'Histoire desordres Pierre Helyot 1714
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Saint of Europe St. Birgitte L'Histoire desordres Pierre Helyot 1714



Religeuse de L’ Orde deSte. Birgitte

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Saint of Europe St. Birgitte  L'Histoire desordres Pierre Helyot 1714

Religeuse de L’ Orde deSte. Birgitte

Also Birgitta or Vadstena

The most celebrated saint of the Northern kingdoms, born about 1303; died 23 July, 1373.

In 1651 the Brigitta Chapel was erected in Vienna, and in 1900 the new district Brigittenau was founded.


In 1999 Pope John Paul II named St Bridget as a patron saint of Europe. Her feast day is celebrated on 23 July, the day of her death. Her feast was not in the Tridentine Calendar, but was later inserted in the Roman Catholic calendar of saints in 1623 for celebration on 7 October, the day she was canonized by Pope Boniface IX in the year 1391. Five years later, her feast was moved to 8 October, where it remained until the revision of the Roman Catholic Calendar of Saints in 1969. Some continue to use the pre-1970.

 Copper plate engraving by: Pierre Helyot Paris, Coignard 1714.

 After spending his youth in study, he entered in his twenty-fourth year the convent of the third, order of St Francis, founded at Picpus, near Paris, by his uncle Jérhme, Helyot, canon of St Sepulchre. There he took the name of Père Hippolyte.


L'Histoire desordres monastiques, religieux et militaires, et des congregations séculières del'un et de l'autre sexe, qui ont été établis jusqu'à présent, published in 5volumes in 1714?1721. Helyot died on January 5, 1716, before the fifth volumeappeared, but his friend Maximilien Bullot completed the edition. Helyot's onlyother noteworthy work is Le Chritien maurani (1695).

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