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Asian Antique Maps

MAPandMAPs offers a large collection of antique maps of Asia, including rare originals, mainly from the old East Indies. Acquire top-quality maps of Asian countries on MAPandMAPs.

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  • Asian countries Maps

    Our collection Asian Antique Maps encompasses a wide range of Asian countries, providing an extensive choice for both enthusiasts and collectors.
    From the vast expanses of China and India to the archipelagos of Indonesia and the islands of Japan, our antique maps offer a glimpse into the past, enabling you to visualize the transformations that have shaped these regions over centuries.

  • Central Asia Maps/Prints

    MAPandMAPs, with a historical collection of rare maps, old pieces of history. of Central Asia.
    Our selection of maps and antique prints of Central Asia offers collectors and enthusiasts the chance to own a tangible piece of the region's cartographic legacy.

  • East Asia Antique Maps

    MAPandMAPs, your premier online destination for antique maps, prints and cartographic treasures from the fascinating East Asian countries of China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea and Taiwan.
    Each piece of map or print has been carefully selected and authenticated to ensure its authenticity, quality and historical value.
    Whether you are a seasoned collector, an avid history buff or a curious explorer, our antique maps and prints will transport you to a bygone era, enabling you to get in touch with the heritage and legacy of East Asia. Each piece has been carefully selected and authenticated to ensure authenticity, quality and historical value.

  • South Asia Antique Maps

    The MAPandMAPs historical map website offers a treasure trove of antique maps from various countries, showcasing the evolution of South Asia with ther countries Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India,Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan,Sri Lanka over time. What sets the MAPandMAPs maps apart is their exquisite hand-coloring and quality.

    Whether you are a history enthusiast, a collector, or a researcher, the extensive collection of antique maps provides a fascinating glimpse into the past of South Asia.

  • Japan Antique Maps

    The origins of cartography in Japan date back to the early 7th century when the country adopted Chinese writing and culture.

    During the Edo period (1603-1868), Japanese cartography made significant progress. A notable development was the creation of "Edo zu", which depicted the city of Edo (now Tokyo) in great detail.

    In the late 16th century, Japan witnessed the arrival of European explorers and traders, most notably the Portuguese and the Dutch.

    European influence on Japanese cartography was not limited to technical aspects. European maps also introduced new subjects, such as the representation of flora, fauna and trade routes.

    The legacy of the bond between Japanese cartographers and Europe can still be seen in contemporary mapping practices in Japan.

  • Middle East, Antique Maps

    The Middle East, with its rich historical and cultural tapestries, has long captured the imagination of explorers, scientists and cartographers.
    Over the centuries old maps of countries such as Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Persia (Iran), Mesopotamia (Iraq), Palestine, Transjordan, Kuwait, Mount Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia (including Hejaz, Najd and Eastern Arabia ), Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen are carefully crafted and provide valuable insights into the geographic and cultural landscapes of the region.
    Particularly noteworthy are the old antique maps, including the Biblical maps of the Holy Land, created by the greatest cartographers of the Old World.

  • Southeast Asian...

    Antique maps of Southeast Asia, created during the voyages of explorers in the 16th to 19th centuries.
    Explore the intricate maritime routes, kingdoms, colonial influences and natural wonders that have shaped the region's cartographic heritage. Start your journey of discovery today with the curated collection of MAPandMAPs!

  • Turkey - Cyprus Maps

    Turkey Cyprus old antique historical maps of Asia Minor. Constantinople Cyprus Famagusta Authentic Antiquarian maps.

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