Europe's Countries. Antique Maps



Europe's Countries. Antique Maps

Discover authentic, rare maps of Europe from the 16th to the 19th centuries at MAPandMAPs. Explore our vintage gallery and immerse yourself in the rich history and geography of the European continent. Find antique maps, including pictorial maps, for sale. Experience the allure of Europe with our original antique maps.

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  • Central Europe Maps

    Central Europe Antique Old Maps all collectible historic rare maps of the Middle European Countries online for sale, created by the greatest cartographers (Map-makers) 

  • British Isles maps

    Old maps of the British Isles Great Britain, Ireland, the Isle of Man, the Hebrides, all authentic historic and rare antique Country maps. See the History of English Maps in our online store.

  • Eastern Europe Maps.

    Old maps of Eastern Europe, Bulgaria, Poland, Latvia, Romania, Lithuania, Ukraine, all authentic rare History and Geography of Europe in antique maps.

  • Russia Old Maps & Prints.

    Russia Maps and Prints, antique vintage original genuine antiquarian old Map and Print of the Russian Empire in Europe and Asia.

  • France Old Maps.

    France Old Maps, antique rare engraved topographic maps of the France history all authentic antiquarian regional country maps.

  • Germany Old Maps.

    Authentic Old, Antique German Maps, Sea Charts All Historical Old Maps and Rare Cartography of the German History with Town Plans by the Most Famous Cartographers.

  • Italy Old Maps

    Italy Old Antique Maps and Italian Cartography of the past, all Authentic and rare Genuine Antiquarian maps of the greatest history of the Italian Peninsula.

  • Low Countries Old Maps

    Low Countries Antique Maps, Authentic old and rare maps of Holland Belgium and Luxembourg, The Dutch Republic, Spanish Netherlands, original antiquarian rare maps of the past centuries. Mapandmaps historical collection.

  • Northern Europe Old Maps.

    Northern Europe Old Maps of Scandinavia for sale, Authentic old, antique, and rare maps of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and the Baltic countries Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.
    Mapandmaps historical map collection.

  • Southeastern Europe...

    Southeastern Europe Old Maps with The Balkan Peninsula maps, Authentic old, antique, and rare maps of Atlases for sale.
    See our Topographic Map Collection with sea charts of the Mediterranean Islands in our Mapandmaps online store.

  • Spain & Portugal Maps

    Old maps of the Iberian peninsula Spain and Portugal all collectible antique maps, from the early map history of the cartography created by the best cartographers. 

  • Switzerland Old Maps.

    Switzerland Antique Maps.Authentic old, antique, and rare maps of the Swiss cantons showing the geography of Switzerland with alps and mountains and historical places.
    Mapandmaps historical map collection.

  • Ierland Old Maps & Prints

    Ireland Old maps and antique vintage prints, authentic antique maps, and rare prints of the History of Ireland, all Genuine Antiquarian topographic map & prints.
    Mapandmaps old map and print collection.

  • The Netherlands Old Maps

    Old maps of The Netherlands, authentic old, antique, and rare maps of the history of the Dutch in cartography. Discover the old World overseas maps of Holland.
    Mapandmaps historical map collection.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 49 items