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Dendermonde Belgium antique Battle plan Rapin 1743.
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Dendermonde Belgium antique Battle plan Rapin 1743.



Dendermonde (Termonde) Old antique battle plan.

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Dendermonde Belgium antique Battle plan Rapin 1743.

Title: Plan of the City of Dendermonde, and the manner in which it was blocked by the troops of the Allies.

Description: Dendermonde (Termonde) Old antique battle plan showing the bastions rivers canals and fortifications outside the city and shelling during the Spanish Succession War between the French, Spanish and English with the Prussian armies.
The map is copperplate engraved with full hand coloring, a insetmap: Le prospect de la ville de Dendermonde.
Title cartouche with explanation.

The 16th century saw a decline in Dendermonde’s fortunes. In 1572, the Spanish troops under Alexander Farnese, Duke of Parma, took over the city and mostly destroyed it.
A decade later, the Spaniards built their own fortress between the Dender and the Scheldt.
In 1667, it was France’s turn to advance on the city, but the allied troops of the Netherlands and England, under the Duke of Marlborough, caused the heaviest damage in 1706.
The city was then fortified by the Austrians against further French ambitions.
After a last siege by Louis XV, the city could finally breathe to the point that the fortifications were dismantled a few decades later

The beautiful hand-colored map is engraved by I. Basire (also known as James Basire Sr.) and from Mr. Rapin's History of England in 1743.

Origin: Paul de Rapin’s, The History of England. by Nicholas Tindall
Paul de Rapin (25 March 1661 – 25 April 1725), sieur of Thoyras (and therefore styled Thoyras de Rapin), was a French historian writing under English patronage.
Engraved by Basire (1730–1802), also known as James Basire Sr.
His father was Isaac Basire (1704–1768), a cartographer, his son (1769–1822) and grandson (1796–1869) were also named James; these four generations of Basires were all engravers.

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