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Amsterdam Holland. Antique town city map plan. SDUK 1836
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Amsterdam Holland. Antique town city map plan. SDUK 1836



Origin: Atlas Stieler published by Baldwin Cradock.

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Amsterdam Holland. Antique town city map plan. SDUK 1836

Titel: Amsterdam.

Antique town map of the city Amsterdam during the 19th century with buildings, churches, canals and canals, all in hand coloring.
On the bottom are images of most important city's historic buildings, all in hand coloring.

Origin: The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (SDUK) >
Founded in 1826, mainly at the instigation of Lord Brougham.
Baldwin & Cradock was a prominent publishing house in London that collaborated with SDUK in producing many of these maps and atlases. The maps created by SDUK were known for their attention to detail, accuracy, and clarity. They covered a wide range of geographical areas, including town plans, regional maps, and world atlases.

These maps are historical artifacts today, providing valuable insights into the geographical knowledge and perceptions of the 19th century. They are sought after by collectors, historians, and map enthusiasts. If you are interested in specific town plans or maps published by SDUK under the collaboration with Baldwin & Cradock, you may want to explore antique map dealers, libraries, or online resources that specialize in historical maps.

Sheet app.: 16 x 13- inches. 40 x 33.5 cm.
Condition: Nice hand colored map in very good condition.