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Obelisk of Boston Bunker Hill old print Meyer's Universum 1850



Bunker Hill Monument is a 67.361 meters (211 feet) high granite obelisk

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 Obelisk of Boston Bunker Hill old print Meyer's Universum 1850

Title: Das Monument auf Bunkers Hill Bei Boston

Bunker Hill Monument is a 67.361 meters (211 feet) high granite obelisk with 294 steps, built in 1827-1843 in Charles Town in honor of the Battle of Bunker Hill. He belongs to the Boston National Historical Park, a memorial of the type of National Historical Park and is managed by the National Park Service.

Bunker Hill Monument. Bunker Hill Day, Boston, Charlestown, Massachusettszwischen 1890 and 1901.

Already by 1794, the King Solomon Masonic Lodge one 5.486 meters (18 feet) high wooden column with a gilded urn to honor the fallen during the battle Freemason Dr. Joseph Warren had been erected. 1823 joined a group of prominent citizens to "Bunker Hill Company" together to build a more stable and more conspicuous monument to commemorate the battle and the well-known philanthropist of the 19th Century Amos Lawrence donated $ 10,000 for its construction. The company appointed an artistic Council, the Daniel Webster, Gilbert Stuart and Loammi Baldwin, a famous engineer belonged, which are considered as the design team of the monument. The construction work under the supervision of architect Solomon Willard began in 1827, but were stopped several times because of lack of funds. The monument that exists today was completed in 1842 and on 17 June 1843 opened with a great act of state. The exhibition building was built in the late 19th Century, built to house a statue of Joseph Warren.

Interestingly, the Bunker Hill Monument is not on Bunker Hill but on Breed's Hill where most fighting took place.

The very first railroad in the U.S., Granite Railway, was built solely for the purpose granite for the construction of the obelisk and to accelerate the construction.

Taken from:

Meyer's Universum, published by Bibliographic Institute Hildburghausen Germany.

Meyer, Joseph, 1796-1856.

High quality Original hand colored print.

 No reprint, no facsimile.

Sheet app.: 26.5 x 18.5 cm. 10.5 x 7.25 inches.

Image app.: 15.5 x 10 cm. 6.25 x 4 inches

Condition:  View overall very good, lightly spotted in margins.