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1740 Antique engraving of Nazareth, Holy Land Galilee
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Nazareth, Holy Land antique engraving 1740



Antique engraving in hand coloring of the town Nazareth.

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Nazareth, Holy Land antique engraving 1740

Title: Nazareth.

Description: Antique engraving in hand coloring of the town Nazareth.
The map shows in cartouche the most important places during the old centuries.

Natzrat or Natzeret is the largest city in the North District of Israel and known as "the Arab capital of Israel.

History: Nazareth in Ancient Times

The city of Nazareth was a small and insignificant agricultural village in the time of Jesus. It had no trade routes, was of little economic importance and was never mentioned in the Old Testament or other ancient texts. Archaeological excavations indicate Nazareth was settled continuously from 900 – 600 BCE, with a break in settlement until 200 BCE, from which time it has been continuously inhabited.

Jesus grew up in Nazareth, which was a very small village near the Plain of Esdralon in Galilee. Although it is not mentioned in the Old Testament, there have been excavations revealing settlements in the area dating back to the Bronze Age, and tombs dating from the iron age to the Hasmonean period. The Biblical narrative reveals that Joseph and Mary lived here after their betrothal, in the announcement of Jesus' birth came to Mary here in Nazareth (Lk 1:26).

Joseph made his living here as a carpenter possibly because it was near Sepphoris, a Hellenistic city being built by Herod Antipas.
Jesus left here at age 30 to be baptized by John (Mk 1:9), and returned to Nazareth before beginning his public ministry (Matt 4:13) and was violently rejected by the people of His town, and thus He moved on to Capernaum (Lk 4:16-30). There is no mention of Him ever returning back to His home town of Nazareth, but he was always identified with it (Matt 21:11), having been called a "Nazarene" which comes from the Hebrew root meaning "branch", in accordance with the promises made to David that King Messiah would be a descendant (branch) from the royal line of King David.

Sheet App.: 34 X 22 Cm. 13.5 X 8.75 Inches
Image App.: 30 X 18.5 Cm. 11.75 X 7.25 Inches.
Condition: Very Good, Hand Coloring, Folds As Published.