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Savoy Swiss Carte a Del Paese antique map Buffier 1761
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Switzerland early map with Savoy by Buffier 1761



Carte a Del Paese Delgi Suizzeri by Buffier 1761.

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Switzerland early map with Savoy by Buffier 1761

Title: Carte A Del Paese Delgi Suizzeri e Della Sovayo…

The map includes many place names around coastal regions. Lines of Latitude encircle the map which was originally engraved by Herman Van Loon in Paris in the latter 1600's, and later copied by Denise Macquart another French engraver and published in Claude Buffier's “Geographie Universelle” Italian edition 1761.

Savoy is a region of Western Europe.
It comprises roughly the territory of the Western Alps situated between Lake Geneva in the north and Monaco and the Mediterranean coast in the south.

The historical land of Savoy emerged as the feudal territory of the house of Savoy during the 11th to 14th centuries. The historical territory is shared between the modern republics of France and Italy.

Installed by Rudolph III, King of Burgundy, officially in 1003, the House of Savoy became the longest surviving royal house in Europe. 
It ruled the County of Savoy to 1416 and then the Duchy of Savoy from 1416 to 1714. 
The territory of Savoy was absorbed into the Second French Empire in 1860, as part of the political agreement with Napoleon III that brought about the unification of Italy, but the House of Savoy retained its Italian lands and its heads became the Kings of Italy.

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