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Montmelian France antique engraving de Fer 1705
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Castle de Miolans in Savoie, Montmélian old print de Fer 1705



Veue du Chateau de Miolans de Fer 1705

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Castle de Miolans in Savoie, Montmélian old print de Fer 1705

Title: Veue du Chateau de Miolans en Savoye a deux Lieues au Nord Est de Montmelian.
Avec. Privil du Roy.

Antique engraved print depict the castle de Miolans in Savoie, Montmélian's fort has its originin the Middle Ages in order to keep up with advances in artillery and military science, the Maison de Savoie constantly ordered repairs, renovations and modifications, making Montmélian one of the biggest strongholds in Europe.

Cartographer: Nicolas De Fer, was the official geographer to the French king and a successful publisher.
The son of cartographer Antoine de Fer.
Nicholas was established as an engraver, cartographer and map publisher in Paris.
Nicolas began his career with an apprenticeship to the engraver Louis Spirinx in Paris.

Sheet app.: 36 x 25 cm. 14 x 9.75 inches.
Image app.: 19 x 12 cm. 7.5 x 4.75 inches.
Condition: Very good, light spotted paper.