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Pozzuola Pozzuoli Campania Mare Puteolanum Italy antique map by Hondius 1627
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Pozzuoli Italy Pozzuola Old map by Hondius 1627



Mapmaker: Jodocus Hondius was a Dutch/Netherlandish engraver and cartographer.

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Pozzuoli Italy Pozzuola Old map by Hondius 1627

Title: Pozzuolo

Antique map of Pozzuoli, Italy. Copperplate engraved with hand coloring.

Mapmaker: Jodocus Hondius (14 October 1563 – 12 February 1612) was a Dutch/Netherlandish engraver and cartographer.

Mare Puteolanum
Puteoli was an Italian city of Roman times on the coast of Campania, on the north shore of a bay running north from the Bay of Naples. The Roman colony there was established in 194 BC. Pozzuoli was the great emporium for the Alexandrian grain ships.

The apostle Paul is traditionally supposed having landed here on his way to Rome, from which it was distant 170 miles. Here he would have tarried for seven days (Acts 28:13, 14) and with his companions began their journey, by the "Appian Way", to Rome.

Puteoli was the location for a spectacular stunt (in 37 AD) by the eccentric Caligula, who on becoming Emperor ordered a temporary floating bridge to built using ships as pontoons, stretching for over two miles from the town to the famous neigboring resort of Baiae, across which he proceeded to ride his horse, in defiance of an astrologer's prediction that he had "no more chance of becoming Emperor than of riding a horse across the Gulf of Baiae".

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