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Asia Secundum legitimas Projectionis...Homann map 1744
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Asia Secundum legitimas Projectionis...Homann map 1744




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Asia Secundum legitimas Projectionis Stereigraphicae …Homann 1744.

Title: Asia Secundum legitimas Projectionis…

Full title: Asia secundum legitimas Projectionis Sterographicæ regulas et juxta recentissimas observation et relationes explosis aliorum fabulosis designationibus et narrationibus adhibitis queque veterium monumentis et recentiorum itinerariis deseripta et in partes suas methodicas IX divisa a I. Matthhasio M.P.P.O. nunc ex beate defuncti subsidus et M.S.C. / tis designata a M. August Gottlob Boehmio -

Description: Attractive 18th Century map of Asia with Korea Japan and Southeast Asia, including East Indies and a part of New Guinea.
A decorative alternate title cartouche with historical figures and animals, and a scale of miles and decorate the map.

Mapmaker: Johann Baptist Homann 1663-1724.
Nuremberg Germany.
In 1716 Homann published his masterpiece Grosser Atlas ueber die ganze Welt (Grand Atlas of all the World)
He was succeeded by the Homann heirs company, in business until 1848, known as "Homann Erben", "Homannianos Heredes", "Heritiers de Homann" abroad.

Reference: Antiques of the Orient No 129.

Origin: Homann Heirs Maier Atlas 1752.

Sheet app.: 20 x 23.5 inches. 51 x 59.5 cm.
Image app.: 18.5 x 21.75 inches. 48 x 55 cm.
Condition: Overall very good.