About us:

Welcome to MAPandMAPs - your premier destination for antique maps and a treasure trove of historical cartography! Founded in the Netherlands back in 1972 by the esteemed auctioneer and antiques expert, Klaas Karl Kee, MAPandMAPs has flourished into a distinguished establishment within the world of antiquities.

Mr. Kee, known for his tenure at the prestigious auction house Hof van Flodorf, situated within the Winter residence of Vorden Castle in Holland, retired from his illustrious career and transitioned his passion into the foundation of MAPandMAPs. With a profound dedication to the preservation and appreciation of historical maps, he sold his property to the Het Wijnhuisfonds Zutphen foundation and embarked on a new chapter devoted to sharing his expertise and collection with the world.

Initially specializing in auctioning antiques and maps while offering expert services to private collectors, public art enthusiasts, and museums, MAPandMAPs quickly garnered a reputation for excellence in the field. The commitment to fostering a welcoming and supportive environment for both seasoned collectors and budding enthusiasts has been a cornerstone of Mr. Kee's ethos.

As the years passed, MAPandMAPs underwent a remarkable evolution, embracing the digital age and expanding its offerings into an extensive online store. Today, MAPandMAPs stands as an internationally renowned company, celebrated for its curated collection of antique maps that reflect centuries of cartographic history.

Our online store showcases a diverse array of antique maps, meticulously curated and authenticated, allowing aficionados and collectors alike to explore and acquire these remarkable pieces of history. Whether you are an experienced collector seeking rare finds or an amateur enthusiast fascinated by the allure of historical cartography, MAPandMAPs is dedicated to serving your needs.

Join us on a journey through time and discover the beauty and significance of antique maps at MAPandMAPs – where history and cartography converge in a captivating array of treasures.