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Trajan's Column at Rome, Italy, Old antique print Bankes 1780
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Trajans Pillar at Rome old print Italy,Thomas Bankes 1780



Title: Trajans Pillar at Rome.

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Trajans Pillar at Rome old print Italy,Thomas Bankes 1780 

Title: Trajans Pillar at Rome.

Trajan's Column (Italian: Colonna Traiana) is a Roman triumphal column in Rome, Italy, which commemorates Roman emperor Trajan's victory in the Dacian Wars. It was probably constructed under the supervision of the architect Apollodorus of Damascus at the order of the Roman Senate. It is located in Trajan's Forum, built near the Quirinal Hill, north of the Roman Forum. Completed in AD 113 , the freestanding column is most famous for its spiral bas relief, that artistically describes the epic wars between the Romans and Dacians (101–102 and 105–106). Its design has inspired numerous

Original copper plate engraving by Bankes's
from New System of Geography.

A massive folio volume of 990 double-columned pages, this was a popular work, running to six editions in the ten years from 1787 to 1797 by Thomas Bankes, Edward Warren Blake, and Alexander Cook's A New Royal Authentic and Complete System of Universal Geography (hereafter Thomas Bankes's).

Historical print of Rome.

Image17.5 x 12 cm. 6.75 x 4.5 inches.

Condition: Hand colored print in very good condition.
Note: Print is washed and cleaned.