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Germany Prints Buetlingen Tespe Niedersachsen Merian 1656
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Bütlingen F.B.L. Ambthaus, Tespe Germany Merian 1656



Title: Bütlingen F.B.L. Ambthaus.


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Bütlingen F.B.L. Ambthaus, Tespe Germany Merian 1656

Title: Bütlingen F.B.L. Ambthaus.

Description: Early copperplate view of the German village Butlingen what is now Tespe on the Bütlinger See  - Lower Saxony.

Origin: Topographia Braunschweig Lüneburg: Bodenteich.

Engraved by: Matthäus Merian (Basel, 22 September 1593 - Bad Schwalbach, 19 June 1650)

History Merian: A notable Swiss-born engraver who worked in Frankfurt for most of his career, where he also ran a publishing house.
In 1623 Merian took over the publishing house of his father-in-law after de Bry's death. In 1626 he became a citizen of Frankfurt and could henceforth work as an independent publisher. He spent most of his working life in Frankfurt.
Early in his life, he had created detailed town plans in his unique style, e.g. the plan of Basel (1615). With Martin Zeiler (1589 - 1661), a German geographer, and later (circa 1640) with his own son, Matthäus Merian (der Jüngere, i.e. "the Younger" or "Jr.") (1621 - 1687), he produced a series of Topographia. The 21-volume set was collectively known as the Topographia Germaniae. It includes numerous town plans and views, as well as maps of most countries and a World Map—it was such a popular work that it was re-issued in many editions. He also took over and completed the later parts and editions of the Grand Voyages and Petits Voyages, originally started by de Bry in 1590.
Merian's work inspired the Suecia Antiqua et Hodierna by Erik Dahlberg.
After his death, his sons Matthäus Jr. and Caspar took over the publishing house. They continued publishing the Topographia Germaniae and the Theatrum Europaeum under the name Merian Erben (i.e. Merian Heirs).

Size: Image app.: 17 x 9 cm. 6.6 x 3.5 inches.
Condition: Very good.