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Wilhmine - Wilhelmine, Name Art Print by Lassalle 1852



Title: Wilhmine.

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Wilhmine -Wilhelmine, Name Art Print by Lassalle 1852

Title: Wilhmine.

A beautiful fine lithographic portrait print in a medallion floral garlands, all beautifully colored and embellished with gold text, according to the designs of Louis Lassalle.

Wilhelmine Name Art Prints.
Wilhmine,Wilhelmine means "determined protector". Wilhelmine is an alternate form of the Old German name Wilhelmina.
Variations: Guillelmine, Vilhelmina, Villhelmina, Villhelmine, Willamine, Willemina, Willmina, Willmine.

French Art Antique & Vintage Prints.

High quality Original lithographic print.
No reprint, no facsimile.
Sheet app.: 26 x 17 cm. 6.75 x 10.25 inches.
Condition: Overall very good, verso Blanco.