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Pascaart Vande Zee Custen van Finmarcken antique chart Janssonius 1650
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Littorum old map Finland Lapland Nona Zembla Janssoniuss 1650



Antique Sea chart of Finland Lapland Russia, the islands Svalbard (Spitsbergen) and Novaya Zemlya (Nova Zemla).

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Littorum old map Finland Lapland Nona Zembla Janssonius 1650

Title: Pascaart Vande Zee-Custen van Finmarcken, Laplandt, Ruslant, Nova Zembla en Spitsbergen hoe alle Havens, Rivieren en Droogten… - Tabula Hydrographica Orae Maritimae seu Littorum Finniae, Laplandiae, Russiae, Novae Zemblae et Spitsbergii ...

Antique Sea chart of Finland Lapland Russia, the islands Svalbard (Spitsbergen) and Novaya Zemlya (Nova Zemla) in the Greenland and Barents sea during the 16th and 17th century.

Attractive antique chart embellished with rhumb lines, a compass rose and an Title cartouche surrounded by fishermen and two sea monsters, the lower cartouche shows the name Jan Jansen (Latin Janssonius).

Cartographer: Johannes Janssonius (1588, Arnhem – buried July 11, 1664, Amsterdam) (born Jan Janszoon, in English often incorrect Jan Jansson) was a Dutch cartographer and publisher who lived and worked in Amsterdam in the 17th century.

Onder the leadership of Janssonius the Hondius Atlas was steadily enlarged.
Renamed Atlas Novus, it had three volumes in 1638, one fully dedicated to Italy.
1646 a fourth volume came out with "English County Maps", a year after a similar issue by Willem Blaeu.
This beautiful rare Map was published in the published as the fifth volume of his Atlas Novus in 1650.

Janssonius' maps are similar to those of Blaeu, and he is often accused of copying from his rival, but many of his maps predate those of Blaeu and/or covered different regions.
By 1660, at which point the atlas bore the appropriate name "Atlas Major", there were 11 volumes, containing the work of about a hundred credited authors and engravers.
It included a description of "most of the cities of the world" (Townatlas), of the waterworld (Atlas Maritimus in 33 maps), and of the Ancient World (60 maps).
The eleventh volume was the Atlas of the Heavens by Andreas Cellarius. Editions were printed in Dutch, Latin, French, and a few times in German.


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Sheet app.: 23 x 20 inches. 59 x 51.5 cm.
Image app: 21.5 x 17.25 inches. 55 x 44 cm.
Condition: Very good for a more than 350 year old map, nice hand coloring, marginal old restaration, marginal foxing, tiny insect hole, centerfold as published.